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Our Services

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Comprehensive wealth management demands specific skill sets and professional experience. With strong backgrounds in tax, estate planning & investment management, our entire advisory team at Oak Harbor Wealth Partners brings the necessary expertise to the process, and ensures our clients that we can work with their team of attorneys and accountants to manage complex financial planning issues.  

Financial Planning

  • Emergency Fund Calculations
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Annual Savings Targets
  • Defining Financial Goals
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Debt Management
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Employee Benefits Review & Coordination
  • Roth vs. Traditional IRA/401k Analysis
  • Major Buy / Sell Decisions
  • Efficient Spending Strategies 
  • Passive Income Strategies & Analysis
  • Document & Record Management
  • Fiduciary Services & Education

Investment Management

  • Custom Portfolio Analysis & Modeling
  • Risk vs. Return Analysis (Efficient Frontier Review)
  • Portfolio Strategy & Asset Allocation Selection
  • Investment Manager & Holding Selection
  • Tailored Individual Stock & Bond Portfolios
  • TOTAL Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing
  • Performance Measurement & Reporting
  • Tax Gain / Loss Harvesting
  • Employee Stock Option/RSU Planning & Analysis
  • Concentrated Equity Strategies
  • Alternative Investment Due Diligence

Tax Planning

  • Lifetime Tax Reducition Strategies
  • Income Tax Modeling & Strategies
  • Integrated Benefits & Tax Coordination 
  • Goal Funding/Distribution Tax Analysis
  • Gift Tax Planning
  • Capital Gain / Loss Analysis
  • Business Owner Buy / Sell Planning
  • Portfolio Holding & Account Type (Taxable vs Qualified) Coordination
  • Tax Bracket Strategic Planning
  • Tax Efficient Cash Flow Management (Before & During Retirement)
  • Stock Option Exercising 

Insurance Analysis

  • Life Insurance Review & Needs Analysis
  • Disability Insurance Review & Needs Analysis
  • P&C Insurance Review & Needs Analysis
  • Long-Term Care Review & Needs Analysis
  • Liability Insurance Review & Needs Analysis
  • Medicare Review & Analysis
  • Directors & Officers Liability Review

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Accumulation & Need Planning
  • Pension vs. Lump Sum Distribution Analysis
  • Cash Management & Bucketing
  • Drawdown Policy & Guardrails
  • Roth IRA Conversion Planning
  • Social Security Claiming Strategy
  • Longevity Planning
  • Retirement Account Review and Distribution Analysis
  • Healthcare Advisory Services
  • Longevity & Caregiving Resources

Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning Review and Analysis
  • Beneficiary Designation Review
  • Education Funding
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Donor Advised Fund Management
  • Multigenerational Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning and Legacy Planning
  • Legal Document (Trusts, Wills, POAs, etc.) Review & Analysis
  • Family Governance
  • Family Values Statement
  • Family Meeting Facilitation

Investment Management

We believe that investors should be compensated for the risk they take. Benjamin Graham is quoted as saying “Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it.” While we believe this is a good start, we feel it does not go far enough in identifying and evaluating the different sources of risk and return. By adapting a more detailed process, we break down risk and return into their “active” and “market” components. This allows clients to attempt to control the level of active risk in any portfolio (the “risk budget”) and to measure the value added by the portfolio managers independent of the markets.

To ensure a long‐term focus,
we adhere to a disciplined seven‐step process:

  1. Formalize Investment Goals, Risk Parameters & Unique Portfolio Constraints
  2. Current Portfolio Analysis & Modeling (Risk/Reward & Return Need Analysis)
  3. Asset Allocation Strategy Selection (Individual Account & Total Portfolio Basis)
  4. Individual Investment Holding Selection (Individual Stocks/Bonds, ETFs & Mutual Funds)
  5. Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing
  6. Performance Measurement & Reporting
  7. Tax Gain / Loss Harvesting

Retirement Plan Services

Oak Harbor provides advisory services to both Defined Contribution plans and Defined Benefit plans. For Defined Benefit plans, Oak Harbor provides investment management services in accordance with our investment management services offering and such services are provided by our investment and wealth management teams. For Defined Contribution plans, Oak Harbor’s Retirement Plan Services (RPS) team provides all of the services described below with respect to the plan and the plan sponsor.

  • Fiduciary Standards
  • 3(38) Fiduciary
  • 3(21) Fiduciary
  • Plan Design Advocacy
  • Navigating Provider Options
  • Recordkeeper
  • TPA
  • Employee Education
  • Plan Investment Due Diligence
  • Investment Policy Statement Development
  • Investment Recommendations
  • Investment Monitoring

Institutional Consulting

(Traditional or OCIO)

  • Investment Policy Statement Review / Creation
  • Spending Policy Calculation
  • Asset Allocation Analysis and Design
  • Total Plan Fee Analysis (Full Fee Disclosure)
  • Investment Fund Performance Measurement, Analysis and Reporting
  • Risk-Based Model Portfolio Construction
  • Benchmarking and Peer Comparisons 
  • Investment Manager Searches / Fee Negotiation
  • Quarterly In-Person Meetings with Finance / Investment Committees 
  • Fiduciary Education for Boards, Clients
  • Outsourced CIO Model (Ultra HNW Individuals & Family Offices)
  • ESG/SRI – Growing Interest by Institutions As Well As Individuals